CTF (Career & Technology Foundations)

CTF is a course open to grades 6-9 students. Please review the following for information related to the current CTF classes being offered. The classes run on a quadmester system so these will change four times throughout the year.

All CTF classes meet the outcomes for the program, as outlined in this document.

Grades 7-9 (40 classes)

  • Physical and Mental Health

In this option, we will learn how to create and maintain a balanced lifestyle, handle stress and enrich personal interests. We will do seminars on stress management, lifestyle upkeep, problem solving, meditation, journals, leadership of sport activity and a variety of yoga classes (Guest Instructors & DVD training).

  • Architecture and Building Design

In this option, students will investigate several modern methods of building design from pole sheds to skyscrapers to tiny homes. There will be two main assignments in this course, the first being the construction of a scale model of one of the above building designs which will include a presentation of the costs associated with its construction. The second assignment will be a research assignment where students will choose an example of a historical “Great” building and will document in a poster what makes this building unique, and similar or dissimilar to modern design.

  • Painting

In this option, we will learn the history of watercolor painting. We will learn proper brush care techniques. By the end of the course, we will be able to demonstrate the use of a selection of watercolor techniques in their painting, demonstrate their knowledge of watercolor processes and techniques by creating several paintings.


Grades 6-7 (20 classes)

  • Budget and Money

In this option, we will introduce money management and budgets. We will discuss credit cards, money loans, wants vs. needs, career research, financial problem solving. They will be expected to provide verbal proof of understanding through conversation and activities. No written test.

  • Introduction to Lego Robotics

In this option, using Lego, students will begin this class by investigating simple machines, and computer programing. From this point the class will use their knowledge and creativity to build and program robots to solve a variety of tasks and missions. After this the class will take the wheel and will design an obstacle course of their own for their robots to complete.


Grades 8-9 (20 classes)

  • Agriculture

In this option, students will explore and research some of the many sides of farming. We will investigate several Agribusiness factors from technologies; including bio-fuel, watershed management, seed and animal genetics, to the entrepreneur pieces like loans, land/equipment value, sustainability, and more depending upon students’ interests and experience. There will be two main assignments; a poster project, where students will display an Agriculture topic of their choice. The other assignment will be a farming project that will let students get a feel for the financial side of beginning on the farm.

  • Handsewing

In this option, we will learn the basic hand stitches: running, basting, whip, backstitch, and blind hem/slip stitch. Students learn in a variety of learning styles through handouts, paper sewing, fabric sewing, demonstrations, and videos with two project-based assessments and a culminating project.