Jr. High Basketball

Please read the note below regarding the junior high basketball tournament!

Dear Parents/Guardians/Players

Due to our dominance in the 7/8 basketball league, we have been asked by tournament organizers from the division to withdraw from the league playoffs. For fairness sake and to encourage development of other teams; we have agreed, on the caveat that any other dominant team also withdraw (so far Swan Hills has also withdrawn for the girls). This will not affect any league games or other tournaments and we will be entering both teams in the 8/9 playoffs. As nice as it is to win games by 30+ points; it is very discouraging to the losing team and not in the spirit of the developmental 7/8 league. The goal of our basketball program is to have fun, build skills, compete and develop an enduring love of the game of basketball. These goals are better achieved when we play stronger competition and are forced to heighten the level of our play. We also wish to stay in good standing with the other teams in our division and encourage them to build strong programs so the whole of Pembina Hills can experience some amazing, high quality basketball for years to come. If you have any questions or concerns; please contact either Mr. McNicoll or Mr. Perreault.


Thank you so much for your understanding,

Your dedicated Eleanor Hall School basketball coaches!

Posted on: February 5th, 2019