Skating Rink Call for Volunteers

Dear Parents/Guardians at Eleanor Hall School,

In February of 2021, the parents of Eleanor Hall School coordinated the flooding of a skating rink near the school to provide an opportunity for the staff and students to enjoy time skating outdoors.   Due to the COVID restrictions at the time, this was a year where there were limited to no opportunities for the students to be bussed elsewhere.  For February and March of 2021, the rink was thoroughly enjoyed and utilized, not only by the staff and students of Eleanor Hall, but also by families of the community of Clyde.  The convenience of having a skating rink easily accessible to both the students of Eleanor Hall as well as to the children and families of the community was so enjoyed and appreciated last year, that the parents of Eleanor Hall School would like to provide this opportunity again this year.  This skating rink in Clyde has become a joint effort between the parents of Eleanor Hall School, Clyde’s volunteer fire fighters, the village of Clyde, and the Pembina Hills School Division.  This year, the parents of Eleanor Hall School are hoping to coordinate the flooding of the rink sometime in December of 2021 and therefore the ice will need to be maintained until it becomes too warm in the spring.  However, in order to properly maintain the ice, we need volunteers to routinely clear snow off of it as well as regularly resurface it.  Because this rink is a joint effort between the school and the community of Clyde, we are looking for volunteers from both communities to help us keep the ice in good condition for all to enjoy.  If you are interested in contributing to the construction or operation of a “Zamboni” unit for resurfacing the ice, or if you would like to commit to helping ensure snow is removed and the ice is ready for skating each morning, please contact Jolene Lawrence at 780-206-7461 (call or text).  We are excited about the opportunity to have a skating rink in our community and look forward to forming a team of enthusiastic volunteers to make it happen!

Thank you.

Posted on: November 24th, 2021