School Council & Enhancement Society

The Eleanor Hall School Council  acts as an advisory partner to the school administration and staff. All parents of children attending Eleanor Hall School are invited to attend meetings. An executive body of 8 parent representatives were elected at the annual general meeting. They are listed below as well as our meeting dates, agendas, minutes and contact information for anyone wishing to contact our School Council representatives. Please note that all fundraising efforts and “money matters” fall under the role of our Enhancement Society which is different than the School Council. For more information on the Enhancement Society please contact the school and we can direct you to their contacts. Both our School Council and Enhancement Society welcome all members of our community to participate in their conversations and attend their meetings!

Please view the document showing a comparison and clarification of roles for the School Council and Enhancement Society by clicking this link: School Council and Enhancement Society Comparison

School Council Information: 

School Council Executive:

  • Chair – Marnie Hoetmer
  • Vice Chair – Donna Moore
  • Secretary- Jolene Lawrence
  • Director- Jantea Vandervelde,  Phil Petkau, Lorraine McCoy, Tom Moore

School Council Meeting Dates (2021-2022 School Year):

  • TBA

School Council Contact:

If you wish to contact the School Council executive please contact Marnie Hoetmer or email

School Council Agendas and Minutes:





May 9th 2022 School Council Minutes




School Enhancement Society Information: 

Enhancement Board of Directors:

  • President- Marnie Hoetmer
  • Treasurer- Donna Moore
  • Secretary- Jolene Lawrence
  • Director- Tom Moore, Jantea Vandervelde, Phil Petkau, Lorraine McCoy