We offer a variety of extracurricular athletic programs students can sign up for in addition to our “House League” intramural program that runs during school hours at lunch recess. Our Elementary students are able to participate in soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field and cross country running. Junior High students are able to partake in soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field as well as cross country running. Our school participates in the annual PHSSAM (Pembina Hills Small School Athletic Meet) track and field event with other schools from our local area. Additionally, we are running an extracurricular archery program open to students in grades four to nine.

Athletic Handbook – Eleanor Hall

Please be advised: 
  • Indoor sports and performances can continue (applies to both upper elementary and junior and senior high).

    • Teams can continue to practice and attend games against other schools

    • Participants are required to screen for symptoms, maintain 2 metres distance except when engaged in physical activity and wear a mask except when engaged in a physical activity.

      • School principals have assessed the spaces in their schools and have concluded that when the space used by the court(s), the number of players and coaching staff, and the need to maintain 2 meters between non-participants is considered, we cannot include spectators and still achieve the conditions described by the public health measures. Therefore, for the safety and well-being of our student athletes, we will restrict attendance at school sporting events to the players and coaches. No additional spectators will be permitted for indoor sporting events. Spectators may attend our school’s grade 5/6 soccer games as they are outside. 

Grade 5/6 Sports 2021-2022 School Year
Cross Country
Sept 23 @ Westlock Golf Course. Bus will leave around 9 and return around 12.
Sept 22 @ Busby. Leaving Clyde at 3:00, returning at 5:45. (CANCELLED)
Sept 29 @ WES. Leaving Clyde at 3:15, returning at 5:30.
Oct 7 @ Busby. Leaving Clyde around 9:oo am, returning around 3:00.
Nov 3– Home game vs Busby (4:00- 5:00)
Nov 9 @ St Mary’s. Leaving Clyde at 3:15, returning at 5:30.
Nov 17 @ WES. Leaving Clyde at 2:30 returning at 4:45.
Dec 2 @ Spirit Centre (Tournament). Leaving around 9:00, returning around 3:00.
Jan 25 Home Game vs Fort Assiniboine (4:00-5:00).
Feb 2 @ WES- Leaving at 2:30, returning at 4:45.
Feb 16 @ St Mary’s- Leaving at 3:15, returning at 5:30.
Feb 24– Home Game Vs Busby (4:00-5:00)
Mar 3 @ Spirit Centre (Tournament). Leave around 9:00, returning around 3:30.
March 23- Grade 4 only tournament @ Clyde.
PHSSAM @ Busby. Grades 4-6. Leaving at 8:45, returning at 3:30.
Grades 7-9 Sports 2021-2022 School Year
Grade 8/9 Boys Volleyball:
Sept 27 @ RF Staples
Oct 4 @ Home vs Neerlandia (CANCELLED)
Oct 13 @ Barrhead vs Athabasca and Barrhead
Oct 20 @ Neerlandia vs St.Mary’s and Neerlandia
Oct 23 @ RF Staples (Tournament)
Oct 27 @ St. Mary’s
Nov 4– Regional Tournament @ Spirit Center
Grade 7-9 Girls Volleyball
Sept 27 @ RF Staples
Oct 13 @ Barrhead
Oct 14 @ (all 7,8,9) RF Staples
Oct 20 @ Neerlandia
Oct 27 @ St. Mary’s
Oct 28 @ Spirit Centre