CTF (Career & Technology Foundations)

CTF is a course open to grades 6-9 students. Please review the following for information related to the current CTF classes being offered. The classes run on a quadmester system so these will change four times throughout the year. The following are descriptions of courses offered. Please note, these are possibilities, not all courses will be offered every year. Final decision of courses offered are those of the teachers teaching the CTF course. Course Outlines are attached for courses as course are offered and outlines become available.

All CTF classes meet the outcomes for the program, as outlined in this document.


CTF Descriptions 2020


6/7 Soccer: In this option, we will be learning the required skills to play soccer including practicing passing drills, throw in drills, kicking drills, and review of each player position. We will also do stamina and strength training. We will usually have two teams of 8 players (one goalie, three forwards, two defense, two mid fields). We play rain or shine, and a couple days in snow; it is always fun. 

6/7 Art: In this option, we will learn about the elements of art and design. We will learn different techniques and combine them to create expressive works. We will be focusing on using pencil, pen, pencil crayons, and felts. Students will be encouraged to express and expand their knowledge and feelings in visual form through developing compositions using traditional methods and materials. 

6/7 3D Printing: In this option, we will learn how to use Computer Assisted Design programs to design digital 3D models to be printed using 3D plastic printers. We will learn the ins and outs of 3D printing and modeling. The models will begin simple, and then progress to models that solve common problems.

8/9 Financial Management: In this option students will develop the financial literacy necessary to make informed decisions about their financial life. Students will learn about budgeting, money management, and investments. We will discuss credit cards, money loans, wants vs. needs, and financial problem solving.

8/9 Matchstick Construction: In this option students will work on math and drawing skills to first design on paper a scale model of a house or other structure. Students will also research some of the costs of the materials that would be used in the real-life versions of these structures, and will be completing a spreadsheet documenting how much they would cost. Once this is completed we will be building these scale models out of matchsticks