CTF (Career & Technology Foundations)

CTF is a course open to grades 6-9 students. Please review the following for information related to the current CTF classes being offered. The classes run on a quadmester system so these will change four times throughout the year. The following are descriptions of courses offered. Please note, these are possibilities, not all courses will be offered every year. Final decision of courses offered are those of the teachers teaching the CTF course. Course Outlines are attached for courses as course are offered and outlines become available.

All CTF classes meet the outcomes for the program, as outlined in this document.


Grade 6/7 Quad 1

6/7 Soccer 

In this option, we will be learning the required skills to play soccer including practicing passing drills, throw in drills, kicking drills, and review of each player position. We will also enjoy stamina and strength training. We will usually have two teams of 8 players (one goalie, three forwards, two defense, two mid fields). We play rain or shine, and a couple days in snow; it is always fun. 

6/7 Photo Journalism

If you are curious and enjoy a challenge, this option is for you.  We will explore basic photography techniques and practice with some of the principles of design. In this course, we will develop a digital portfolio to refine our skills with google tools and present some of our best photos.  Many days of this course will take place outside, plan to wear rain-gear and rubber boots on rainy days.

6/7 Travel Agent

In this option, students will be given the challenge of creating a family vacation. To do this we will explore skills for researching places and activities, and we will build skills using the google suite, including docs, slides, and sheets. Each Google app will be sued to create a part of a presentation for the family that we are designing the vacation. 

Grade 8/9 Quad 1

8/9 Movement & Vocal Play (Drama)

If you like moving and making noise, you will love this course and if you don’t think you like “drama”…you might surprise yourself. We will explore different forms of communication through movement and voice.  The focus will be on whole body awareness, breathing and physical expression. Students may wish to change into comfortable clothes that allow for maximum movement. Some classes will take place outside, plan to dress for the weather with appropriate footwear. 

8/9 Basketball

For this options we will be working on personal fitness and athletic skills through the sport of basketball. We will work on passing, shooting, dribbling, and team drills. We will be playing a round robin tournament with players working on score-keeping, and reffing skills. Most days we will be outside, but for some we will be in a classroom studying the ins and outs of the game including referees, and team plays.